Scuba diving in Puerto Lopez

During our stay in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador we made a lot of observations. We observed whales, fishermen working on the beach and finally, the underwater life of the Pacific Ocean.

After visiting all of the diving centres in the town, we decided to choose Native Diving Ecuador. We got on their boat the next morning and, loaded with heavy equipment, set off for the adventure.

We went diving near the island called Islote los Ahorcados, which means The Isle of Hanged Men. The name comes from the fact that it was the place where pirates used to hang people. When we approached the island, we saw that it deserved its name, as it looked quite creepy indeed.

We did two dives on the eastern, more sheltered side of the island as the sea was quite rough. The conditions added to the fun because due to the strong current we did drift dives both of the times.

We saw plenty of marine life, including round stingrays, a sea turtle, morray eels, starfish and lots of colourful, exotic fish. 

The structure of the reef was interesting as well, with small canyons and tunnels to swim through. Also, it was built from many coral ‘fans’ which made the surface of the reef look like a kind of a forest.

During our second dive, we suddenly heard some mysterious sounds. These were calls of whales passing nearby. We hoped we would be able to catch a glimpse of one of them underwater but they didn’t come close enough. Nevertheless, hearing those impressive noises underwater was an incredible experience, and definitely an unforgettable moment.

Overall, we had a great time diving in Puerto Lopez. We did two very  pleasent dives, saw loads of marine life and swam through beautiful scenery. Afterwards, we thought that even though we were about to leave the coast and go back to the mountains, we would definitely fit in more diving later on during our journey, possibly by the Carribean coast of Colombia.

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